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Because it cannot be a complete well-be without a good self-image, we made for you a selection of beauty treatments in four ranges of high quality for a flawless result. Here, everything will be implemented to ensure a quality relaxation time, from the sublime pleasure of a refined aesthetic.

Facial care
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body care
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The massage "touch" us beyond the skin, muscles and organs: it reached us in our entire being and helps us to awareness and body unification.

That is why the quality of care is so essential. At AVORIAZ-SPA, we ensure a continuous improvement of our practices through regular training of our team of masseurs. Furthermore, we only use natural and selected products for all of our massages: cold pressed Organic oils, Ayurvedic VEDICARE products coming directly from India, Organic or EOBBD * essential oils, or an organic oil with Bach Flowers.

Essential oils used during our massage:

-        Cypress: improves blood circulation, contributes to the comfort of heavy and tired legs, promotes the general tone especially in cases of nervous or physical exhaustion.

-        ravintsara: disinfecting and sanitizing, helps stimulate the body's defenses. Stimulating, it helps maintain a positive mood and improves sleep quality allowing to stay in good shape.

-        Marjoram: balancing and calming, it is ideal in case of stress, anxiety or nervousness; promotes joint flexibility and helps relax muscles.

-        lemon: helps stimulate the body's natural defenses, participates in the comfort and beauty of the legs by promoting good circulation.

-        Peppermint: general stimulating, physical and intellectual energizing, particularly in cases of fatigue or weakness; calm and soothe sensitive, or irritated skin.

-        Lavender: calming and relaxing, it promotes a peaceful sleep and helps to keep a positive frame of mind. Healing, it cleans, purifies and soothes the skin. It promotes muscle and joint flexibility and helps relax muscles.

            All of these essential oils also promote proper functioning of the   tracts.

Spa stands for "Sanitas per aquam" Latin phrase that means "health through water". There can be no true spa without the intervention of this essential element to life. Avoriaz spa has selected two water uses:

  • the Aquamassage, technological feat because of its precision, power and the very wide range of its possibilities. This process at the forefront of modernity uses all the strength and effectiveness of the "touch" of the water, but without being in contact.
  • The balnéobaignoire Océanide 3000. You immerse yourself this time completely in water and are 40 hydromassage jets that massage intensely your entire body. You benefit directly from the benefits of a good temperature water and the amazing power of "submarine" jets in the bathtub. You'll be incredibly surprised by the deep relaxation that can give you a bath as this one.

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