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massage-pierreschaudesThis massage is performed using basalt stones previously dipped into a hot bath. Basalt is a volcanic heavy black or dark gray rock. Metamorphic rock, it has undergone one or more transformations under the effect of pressure and thermal shocks. The stones used in massage are naturally polite and come from the earth's crust in the Cape Verde marine or Japan.

Heated between 40 ° and 60 °, they disseminate the benefits of the minerals that compose them. The penetrating power of the heat up to 4 cm inside the body, providing deep relaxation. These stones also have great restructuring and energizing power; they immediately recharge the body.

They are positioned on the body at specific points along the path of energy meridians, but they are also directly involved in the massage itself. The masseur places them in the palm of his hand and massage your body by doing gentle movements in friction, pressure or rotation.

It is a relaxing massage that energizes your flow of vital energy, eliminates toxins, helps to decongest the tissues, hunts stress and fatigue, releases tension and gives you a deep relaxation. These effects of wellness and balance are felt for several days.

60 minutes / € 95