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Détente et Bien-être à Avoriaz

detenteintenseA Journey in the well-being and serenity.

 A single objective in this treatment: your body! A scrub for velvety skin associated with a full massage for deep relaxation.

To start, the scrub based on cane sugar crystals from Thailand gently releases your body of all impurities. It is then ready to receive all the benefits of massage done with a blend of massage oil and anti-stress balm with Bach Flowers. Let yourself gradually invaded by a feeling of relaxation that is more profound. A unique combination of techniques of shiatsu, reflexology, drainage and Swedish massage creates a powerful synergy for an anti-stress sustainable effect.

  • Shiatsu: used on certain acupressure points, it releases the areas of physical and emotional tensions favouring the letting go.
  • Swedish massage: helps eliminate muscle tension and removes blockages.
  • Drainage: balances the flow of energy, harmonizes the body and mind.
  • Reflexology: releases tension and helps restore vital functions and restore the mental and physical balance.

Your skin breathes, your tensions have given way to a profound well-being.

75 min / € 95

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