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Anti-stress Care with Bach Bio Flowers

Anti-stress care with Bach Bio Flower


Rituals of novel anti-stress treatment for a deep well-being of body and mind

During the first half of the twentieth century, Dr. Bach identified 38 flowers for their beneficial properties in order to help find an inner, mental and physical harmony.

The properties of flowers and their energies are captured and forwarded to the person as an elixir; they balance the physical and emotional states to find the well-being of body and mind.

The anti-stress bio treatments that we urge you to discover use Bach Flowers in the form of an anti-stress * elixir associated with natural ingredients (certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmebio). They will inevitably bring peace of mind and serenity, while taking great care of your skin.

* Composition of the anti-stress elixir:


                        -Agrimony: promotes the expression and self-esteem

                        -Oak: calls for calm, quit

                        -Impatiens: helps the indulgence, sympathy

                        -White Chestnut: helps for mental calm

                        -Pin: helps to be discharged from the burden and guilt

                        -Crab Apple: helps to relativize the intrusive thoughts

                        -Verbena: lead to the peace and quiet

instantdegraceA Journey in the well-being and serenity.

 90 minutes of relaxation and a healthy skin are the benefits of the promise of products with Bach Flowers used throughout this treatment, combined with exclusive massage techniques and expert hands. The tone is immediately given by the mist of intoxicating anti-stress fragrance throughout the cabin. The essential oils of bergamot and lavender mingle with those of sage and eucalyptus and bring the benefits of aromatherapy with those of Bach Flowers. A World of Relaxation opens before you.

Massage of the entire back of the body with an anti-stress cocktail consists of a nourishing balm with Bach Flower and a few drops of massage oil, cleaning gently the face, soft scrub with a cream based on apricot cores and washing powders, thorough massage of the face for a good twenty minutes, placing a hydrating and relaxing mask, massage from the front legs to the shoulders, arms and hands, application of the anti-stress day cream with hydrating and alleviating virtues, are the steps in the care of God.

Everything is implemented from start to finish, so you can eliminate your stress

and all your tensions, to forget all your worries in a moment of grace. You come away soothed, with relaxed mind and a body deeply relaxed.

90 minutes   € 130

relaxationA Journey in the well-being and serenity.

Stress produces complex biochemical reactions that affect the skin condition. Many studies have highlighted the role of nerve endings in the transmission of stress to the skin.

The latter transmits warning messages to the skin cells that produce substances in response to so-called "stress hormones" such as adrenaline and cortisol, sources of irritation.

There is evidence that in times of stress, the barrier function of the skin eventually deteriorates. Over time, skin immunity can even be weakened.

Stress induces an accumulation of several harms to the skin, all as bad as each other:

-        moisture loss

-        less protection against external aggressions

-        accelerating the production of free radicals, a source of skin ageing

-        frown, muscle tension, promotes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Subtle fragrances develop during the Essential Relaxation care and take you away from your concerns. The fragrance opens with notes of Bergamot, Orange turning into Sage-Lavender to blend into Patchouli-Eucalyptus. Exit stress, tensions dissipate with the complete care and the facial massage focusing on acupressure points for a total well-being. This treatment is for all skin types, even sensitive.

60 min   € 100

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