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Prestige Care Vie Collection

Life, an inspiration source...


The history of Vie Collection is the story of life, its emergence and evolution. How did life have appeared in the deep sea there are more than 3.5 billion years, and then expand to give rise to the terrestrial and marine plants?

Fascinated by the mysterious alchemy to the origin of life, Vie Collection researchers have worked for over 10 years on its emergence and mechanisms of its adaptation: they isolated, year after year, the essential elements from the marine, land and mineral worlds. They have assembled them to create the best ingredients.

The internal dynamics of cells is a complex phenomenon and over time, it rings on the surface of the skin, thus changing the appearance of the face clearly: superficial wrinkles, deep wrinkles, sagging of the facial, loss of firmness ... Microtectonic skin experts, Vie Collection researchers designing high-performance corrective ingredients to compensate for these inconveniences.

Ingredients and major scientific discoveries are patented and incorporated into products at the forefront of innovation. Vie Collection also uses the most advanced extraction methods, from the pharmaceutical industry, to collect only the most pure molecules, quintessence of the material, providing the absolute efficiency to each of its formulas.

Technical expertise and technological prowess are mixed boldly, to reveal you the incomparable power to defy time.

3dimensionsDare youth aesthetic care

 After a thorough cleaning of your face, the aesthetician will perform a dynamic and personalized diagnosis of your wrinkles, then conduct a targeted mechanical exfoliation of your skin. From there, we arrive at the central part of this exceptional care. It draws on the techniques of plastic surgery in three interventions:



Intervention 1: guaranteed relaxing and smoothing effect on wrinkles of upper face (forehead wrinkles, crow's feet and lion).

The first phase of care based on the action of Botox injections, known to block the contraction of muscles causing the wrinkles. It is performed using the serum "Haut du Visage Décontractant Rides" containing a "Botox-like" peptide. This makes a protein responsible for muscle contraction inactive. The muscles relax, wrinkles relax. The action of serum is boosted and expanded by double smoothing of your skin, made with the help of a brush-gum of wrinkle correction and application of modelling wax.

Intervention 2: guaranteed filling and smoothing effect on wrinkles of the lower face (fine wrinkles in the cheek and upper lip, marionette lines and nasolabial folds).

This second phase is based on the action of hyaluronic acid injections, performed directly in the wrinkle to fill out. It uses the serum "Bas du Visage Comblement Rides" containing three forms of hyaluronic acid: hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight for a filling and volume action on deep wrinkles in the heart of the skin, and two low molecular weight hyaluronic acids for a smoothing, volume and hydrating action of the skin surface. The effect of serum is reinforced by a double smoothing of your skin, made with a small face modeller preceding the application a modelling wax.

Intervention 3: smoothing and tightening effect guaranteed on the whole face, head and neck region (cheeks and décolleté), temporal region (corner of the eye and cheekbone) and frontal region.

The third and final phase draws, on the other hand, the effects of surgical facelift. A Cryogenic mask containing alginates from Laminaria, calcium and natural clays is applied to your face. It tightens and smoothes the features of your face, reshaping its oval, redefining its volumes and finally promoting the distribution of ingredients previously applied. Manual smoothing with a wax modelling, following the use of a wide face modeller help restructure tissue and reshape the contours.

It's time to put the finishing touches to this extraordinary care with an application of the Correction Eye Cream on the contour of your eyes and Wrinkle High Perfection Cream on the face and neck.

The obvious benefits will be a younger, smoother, firmer, denser and rehydrated skin; your wrinkles are relaxed, filled, smoothed. The results will be clearly visible from the first treatment, but will be magnified by the Vie Collection care of three treatments.

60 min / € 100

Vie Collection Cure / € 250

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