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Our Massages

The massage "touch" us beyond the skin, muscles and organs: it reached us in our entire being and helps us to awareness and body unification.

That is why the quality of care is so essential. At AVORIAZ-SPA, we ensure a continuous improvement of our practices through regular training of our team of masseurs. Furthermore, we only use natural and selected products for all of our massages: cold pressed Organic oils, Ayurvedic VEDICARE products coming directly from India, Organic or EOBBD * essential oils, or an organic oil with Bach Flowers.

Essential oils used during our massage:

-        Cypress: improves blood circulation, contributes to the comfort of heavy and tired legs, promotes the general tone especially in cases of nervous or physical exhaustion.

-        ravintsara: disinfecting and sanitizing, helps stimulate the body's defenses. Stimulating, it helps maintain a positive mood and improves sleep quality allowing to stay in good shape.

-        Marjoram: balancing and calming, it is ideal in case of stress, anxiety or nervousness; promotes joint flexibility and helps relax muscles.

-        lemon: helps stimulate the body's natural defenses, participates in the comfort and beauty of the legs by promoting good circulation.

-        Peppermint: general stimulating, physical and intellectual energizing, particularly in cases of fatigue or weakness; calm and soothe sensitive, or irritated skin.

-        Lavender: calming and relaxing, it promotes a peaceful sleep and helps to keep a positive frame of mind. Healing, it cleans, purifies and soothes the skin. It promotes muscle and joint flexibility and helps relax muscles.

            All of these essential oils also promote proper functioning of the   tracts.

massage-fleursbachDiscovered by an English physician, Dr. Bach, there are over 70 years, the Bach Flower are natural products made from wild flowers and spring water traditionally used as an elixir. They properties balance the physical and emotional states to find the well-being of body and mind.

The anti-stress elixir, active source of this massage is incorporated into a unique blend of several biological oils subtly dosed (Argan-Calendula-Copra-Sunflower). This product is then integrated into the rituals of novel anti-stress massage.

This massage offers a unique combination of techniques of shiatsu * reflexology *, * drainage and Swedish massage *, whose synergy produces an anti-stress lasting and profound effect. Your tensions dissipate gradually, fade away your concerns, you access a profound well-being.

  • Shiatsu: used on certain acupressure points, it releases the areas of physical and emotional tensions favouring the letting go.
  • Swedish massage: helps eliminate muscle tension and removes blockages.
  • Drainage: balances the flow of energy, harmonizes the body and mind.
  • Reflexology: releases tension and helps restore vital functions and restore the mental and physical balance.

60 minutes/ € 100

massage-ayurvediqueAyurvedic massage is a massage from India where this Sanskrit word 'science of life "refers to traditional Indian medicine. This is a preventive massage that improves wellness and personal development.

Ayurveda is based on the holistic principle as follows: the disease or affection are triggered when an imbalance occurs in us. It describes three energy forces called doshas: VATA (air), PITTA (fire) and KÄPHA (water), each with its own characteristics. All physical, emotional and mental functions are controlled by the doshas. When they are balanced and are in harmony, we are in vitality and good health. In India, massage is a lifestyle that begins at birth and continues throughout life.

In the Ayurvedic massage, we consider that the body consists of four distinct parts: on one side, legs, torso and head that are part of the physical body, and on the other hand the seven chakras in the etheric body. All these elements are worked during the massage, which will help promote the harmonization of tridoshas (VITTA, PITTA, KÄPHA), eliminate muscular and nervous tension, improve skin quality and the movement of fluids in the body, and finally increase the vital energy (PRANA).

Marma points, meeting points between the 5 organic principles (ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones and joints), are contact points between body and mind. They are centers of energy other than the chakras and are worked in the Ayurvedic massage by a gentle motion that eliminates toxins and circulates energy optimally.

Ayurvedic massage is both preventive, curative and rebalances the various organic functions. Its has several benefits: It helps eliminate toxins and nervous tension, facilitates the flow of energy, reduces stress and muscle tension. This massage boosts the lymph drainage and increases blood circulation. It promotes relaxation and letting go physically and emotionally. In indirect benefit, the quality of your sleep is improved. This massage is profoundly beneficial for body and mind.

60 minutes / € 95

75 minutes / € 115

massage-californienThe Californian massage appeared in the 70s in California near San Francisco. It owes its birth to many groups of therapies that advocated the liberation of the body, expression of feelings and total balance of the person.

Californian massage is for anyone looking for a truly relaxing break, a time to give up and reconnect with the body. This massage is performed using a Bio oil associated with fragrant and relaxing essential oils *. The techniques of this massage are to wrap and sculpt the body in its entirety with different maneuvers such as stroking, gliding pressure more or less pressed or kneading. The practitioner moves with your breathing to intensify the movement. It's slow, soft and full. Hands perform a kind of harmonious choreography of the body. This massage promotes letting go, beneficial to people who are stressed and overworked, causes them to relax the body and mind. It helps relieve stress, relax and release muscle and nerve tensions, improve blood circulation and guarantees a better perception of the body.

60 minutes /  € 90

75 minutes / € 110

massage-sportifAfter a major effort, such as skiing, deep massage helps relax effectively the muscles that were strained. This is the role of sport massage, which by stimulants and relaxants gestures, will allow an intense physical relaxation and an optimized retrieval.

The technique used in sport massage at AVORIAZ-SPA is based on the Chinese energy massage "TUI NA NA MO", commonly called "TUI NA." "TUI" means push, and "NA" seize to control. Sliding pressure, stretching, twisting and friction are linked throughout this massage, plus the use of the technique of acupressure. This results in a very precise work on certain meridians (stomach, gallbladder and bladder), which is used to circulate energy (QI in Chinese), accelerate blood circulation within and outside the muscle, eliminate toxins+ and relax the muscles and tendons.

Sport massage can also be performed before the sport. It has its place by stimulating the sympathetic tone and improving reflexes, while soothing the mind. You will also avoid any soreness after exercise.

60 minutes / € 105

massage-dosjambesThis massage incorporates the principles of the Californian massage, but is limited as its name indicates, to the back of your body.


30 minutes /  € 60

massage-enceinteThis massage is possible only during the last two trimesters of pregnancy.

The massage of the pregnant woman is based on massage techniques during which the work will be emphasized on the most painful parts of the body during pregnancy (back, lower back, legs); the patient being elongated in lateral position. To do this massage we use Bach Flower oil, oil does not contain essential oils.

The body of the woman is in high demand during pregnancy. The baby's weight affects the posture of the mother and can cause her back pain, muscle tension, migraines, stress on the knees and swollen ankles.

Prenatal massage is a therapeuthic natural treatment of contact to alleviate these inconveniences and other symptoms associated with pregnancy.

The physical changes that occur during pregnancy are:

the circulatory system: to supply the fetus, changes in the system are deep. The resulting problems, such as edema, varicose veins and hypertension can be relieved by massage.

the respiratory system: often, pregnant women suffer from respiratory problems from lack of air or hyperventilation. With help, a pregnant woman can get to have a long, deep breathing, allowing her to relax her neck, shoulders and back but also prepares to her the way for childbirth.

the digestive system: an increase in hormones is partly responsible for any digestive problems such as nausea, heartburn and stomach lifts. Constipation affects about 25% of pregnant women. The level of progesterone relaxes the muscles of the digestive system and uterus can press on the stomach and spleen. Some points in reflexology can improve these problems.

the skeleton: as and when able to pregnancy, pelvis made a backward rotation, which pushes the uterus to the muscle of the abdomen; lower back are also curved. To compensate, the pregnant woman leans back and pushes the head and neck forward. The posterior muscles are tired, they shoot and hurt. This causes calf cramps and pain in the feet.

This massage is essential to the welfare of pregnant women. It is also well on her body than her mind. It also helps the mother to understand her childbirth more serenely.

The many benefits of touch are: improving blood circulation, skin softening, improving immune system and breathing, relief of leg and back pain.

Massage during pregnancy is very pleasant; It helps reduce stress hormones in the body. The body of a pregnant woman changes and is severely tested in many different ways; Massage gives special attention to the mother.

60 minutes / € 95

massage-reflexoReflexology is a science based on the principle that there is in the feet reflex zones corresponding to all organs, glands and body parts. This is a specific technique that enables a person to work these reflex zones with his thumbs and fingers. By pressure, information is transmitted to the organ that revives the energy current. Reflexology releases stress and tension, improves blood and nervous circulation, promotes unblocking of nerve impulses, balances and energizes the body and strengthens its natural resources.

It is thus clear that a massage of the lower extremities has a beneficial effect on the body. Considering also that each particular organ projects itself indirectly on the foot, it is understood that appropriate stimulation of the reflex areas can restore normal operation, both in terms of movement and the circulatory standpoint.

Course of the session:

  • we first inquire about your general health, then what you expect from foot reflexology.
  • you lie down, comfortably.
  • your feet are then cleaned with steamed towels, then wiped off.
  • The massage begins with movements of relaxation that will bring you to relax and let go.
  • after a few minutes, by specific movements of the thumb creep, inch by inch, the tension areas and hot spots are detected. These sensitive areas, a malfunction sign, then are stimulated by pressure movements. Massage and thumb creep are alternating.

There are contraindications for reflexology. These are feet trauma and inflammations, recent heart disease, circulatory disorders (phlebitis, thrombosis) and pregnancy.

45 minutes / € 60

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