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massage-enceinteThis massage is possible only during the last two trimesters of pregnancy.

The massage of the pregnant woman is based on massage techniques during which the work will be emphasized on the most painful parts of the body during pregnancy (back, lower back, legs); the patient being elongated in lateral position. To do this massage we use Bach Flower oil, oil does not contain essential oils.

The body of the woman is in high demand during pregnancy. The baby's weight affects the posture of the mother and can cause her back pain, muscle tension, migraines, stress on the knees and swollen ankles.

Prenatal massage is a therapeuthic natural treatment of contact to alleviate these inconveniences and other symptoms associated with pregnancy.

The physical changes that occur during pregnancy are:

the circulatory system: to supply the fetus, changes in the system are deep. The resulting problems, such as edema, varicose veins and hypertension can be relieved by massage.

the respiratory system: often, pregnant women suffer from respiratory problems from lack of air or hyperventilation. With help, a pregnant woman can get to have a long, deep breathing, allowing her to relax her neck, shoulders and back but also prepares to her the way for childbirth.

the digestive system: an increase in hormones is partly responsible for any digestive problems such as nausea, heartburn and stomach lifts. Constipation affects about 25% of pregnant women. The level of progesterone relaxes the muscles of the digestive system and uterus can press on the stomach and spleen. Some points in reflexology can improve these problems.

the skeleton: as and when able to pregnancy, pelvis made a backward rotation, which pushes the uterus to the muscle of the abdomen; lower back are also curved. To compensate, the pregnant woman leans back and pushes the head and neck forward. The posterior muscles are tired, they shoot and hurt. This causes calf cramps and pain in the feet.

This massage is essential to the welfare of pregnant women. It is also well on her body than her mind. It also helps the mother to understand her childbirth more serenely.

The many benefits of touch are: improving blood circulation, skin softening, improving immune system and breathing, relief of leg and back pain.

Massage during pregnancy is very pleasant; It helps reduce stress hormones in the body. The body of a pregnant woman changes and is severely tested in many different ways; Massage gives special attention to the mother.

60 minutes / € 90

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