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massage-sportifAfter a major effort, such as skiing, deep massage helps relax effectively the muscles that were strained. This is the role of sport massage, which by stimulants and relaxants gestures, will allow an intense physical relaxation and an optimized retrieval.

The technique used in sport massage at AVORIAZ-SPA is based on the Chinese energy massage "TUI NA NA MO", commonly called "TUI NA." "TUI" means push, and "NA" seize to control. Sliding pressure, stretching, twisting and friction are linked throughout this massage, plus the use of the technique of acupressure. This results in a very precise work on certain meridians (stomach, gallbladder and bladder), which is used to circulate energy (QI in Chinese), accelerate blood circulation within and outside the muscle, eliminate toxins+ and relax the muscles and tendons.

Sport massage can also be performed before the sport. It has its place by stimulating the sympathetic tone and improving reflexes, while soothing the mind. You will also avoid any soreness after exercise.

60 minutes / € 90

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