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massage-californienThe Californian massage appeared in the 70s in California near San Francisco. It owes its birth to many groups of therapies that advocated the liberation of the body, expression of feelings and total balance of the person.

Californian massage is for anyone looking for a truly relaxing break, a time to give up and reconnect with the body. This massage is performed using a Bio oil associated with fragrant and relaxing essential oils *. The techniques of this massage are to wrap and sculpt the body in its entirety with different maneuvers such as stroking, gliding pressure more or less pressed or kneading. The practitioner moves with your breathing to intensify the movement. It's slow, soft and full. Hands perform a kind of harmonious choreography of the body. This massage promotes letting go, beneficial to people who are stressed and overworked, causes them to relax the body and mind. It helps relieve stress, relax and release muscle and nerve tensions, improve blood circulation and guarantees a better perception of the body.

60 minutes /  € 85

75 minutes / € 105

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