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massage-ayurvediqueAyurvedic massage is a massage from India where this Sanskrit word 'science of life "refers to traditional Indian medicine. This is a preventive massage that improves wellness and personal development.

Ayurveda is based on the holistic principle as follows: the disease or affection are triggered when an imbalance occurs in us. It describes three energy forces called doshas: VATA (air), PITTA (fire) and KÄPHA (water), each with its own characteristics. All physical, emotional and mental functions are controlled by the doshas. When they are balanced and are in harmony, we are in vitality and good health. In India, massage is a lifestyle that begins at birth and continues throughout life.

In the Ayurvedic massage, we consider that the body consists of four distinct parts: on one side, legs, torso and head that are part of the physical body, and on the other hand the seven chakras in the etheric body. All these elements are worked during the massage, which will help promote the harmonization of tridoshas (VITTA, PITTA, KÄPHA), eliminate muscular and nervous tension, improve skin quality and the movement of fluids in the body, and finally increase the vital energy (PRANA).

Marma points, meeting points between the 5 organic principles (ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones and joints), are contact points between body and mind. They are centers of energy other than the chakras and are worked in the Ayurvedic massage by a gentle motion that eliminates toxins and circulates energy optimally.

Ayurvedic massage is both preventive, curative and rebalances the various organic functions. Its has several benefits: It helps eliminate toxins and nervous tension, facilitates the flow of energy, reduces stress and muscle tension. This massage boosts the lymph drainage and increases blood circulation. It promotes relaxation and letting go physically and emotionally. In indirect benefit, the quality of your sleep is improved. This massage is profoundly beneficial for body and mind.

60 minutes / € 90

75 minutes / € 110

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