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massage-fleursbachDiscovered by an English physician, Dr. Bach, there are over 70 years, the Bach Flower are natural products made from wild flowers and spring water traditionally used as an elixir. They properties balance the physical and emotional states to find the well-being of body and mind.

The anti-stress elixir, active source of this massage is incorporated into a unique blend of several biological oils subtly dosed (Argan-Calendula-Copra-Sunflower). This product is then integrated into the rituals of novel anti-stress massage.

This massage offers a unique combination of techniques of shiatsu * reflexology *, * drainage and Swedish massage *, whose synergy produces an anti-stress lasting and profound effect. Your tensions dissipate gradually, fade away your concerns, you access a profound well-being.

  • Shiatsu: used on certain acupressure points, it releases the areas of physical and emotional tensions favouring the letting go.
  • Swedish massage: helps eliminate muscle tension and removes blockages.
  • Drainage: balances the flow of energy, harmonizes the body and mind.
  • Reflexology: releases tension and helps restore vital functions and restore the mental and physical balance.

60 minutes/ € 100

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