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Spa / Hydrotherapy

Spa stands for "Sanitas per aquam" Latin phrase that means "health through water". There can be no true spa without the intervention of this essential element to life. Avoriaz spa has selected two water uses:

  • the Aquamassage, technological feat because of its precision, power and the very wide range of its possibilities. This process at the forefront of modernity uses all the strength and effectiveness of the "touch" of the water, but without being in contact.
  • The balnéobaignoire Océanide 3000. You immerse yourself this time completely in water and are 40 hydromassage jets that massage intensely your entire body. You benefit directly from the benefits of a good temperature water and the amazing power of "submarine" jets in the bathtub. You'll be incredibly surprised by the deep relaxation that can give you a bath as this one.

aquamassage, relaxation bien-être et vitalité

A new way of life, the most futuristic way to bring the body with the rejuvenating relaxation it needs.

The Aquamassage delivers in 10 minutes: Relaxation, wellness and vitality.

With the Aquamassage, we entered a new world from the high-tech. This sensational process is present in the health sector of some rehabilitation firms, in health spa centers, but also in some places dedicated to the well-being selected for their quality as AVORIAZ SPA.

Protected by exclusive patents, we find the Aquamassage on five continents and in over 70 countries. This is an innovative concept that uses water as a vector of massage without wetting effect. Needless to undress, take off the shoes is enough.


In appearance, the balnéobaignoire Océanide 3000 is a comfortable bath for one person. But beneath this out in short quite commonplace, lies a powerful relaxation technology. It involves a massage system mixed with air and water:

  • Massage by water: it acts by 40 hydrojets arranged on the periphery of the bathtub. Excellent for the body to release stress and tensions of the day, it revitalizes the body and stimulates energy. It uses a special drainage system that can maximize the benefits of massage. The bath is equipped with a "PULSOR" which allows the direct addition of air to the water ejected by the jets, making possible a sharp increase or a continuous control of the power of massage.
  • Air Massage: it acts by the bottom of the bathtub by a multitude of small perforations. Depending on the intensity or rate of bubbling, the focus will be on formatting, relaxation, tension in the spine or the bloodstream. The advanced "air" system of the Oceanide 3000 has an ozone generator which is added to the ducted air. By penetrating the skin, ozone increases the resistance of the organism. Disinfecting and regenerating, it reinforces the toning action of water, helps elimination and stimulates regeneration of the epidermis.

In the morning, the whirlpool is like a pacemaker and can be effective all day. In the evening, it acts as a regulator and prepares for sleep.

To the benefits of massage, are added those of concentrated seawater or plant extracts or algae that we add to the baths:

  • Rosemary: to fight against overwork, fatigue and convalescence. Promotes elimination of toxins, strengthens.
  • Horse chestnut: decongestant bath, improves blood circulation.
  • Lavender: fights fatigue, nervousness and overwork. Sedative taken in the evening, relaxing bath. Antiseptic and healing.
  • Ginseng: stimulating and tonic bath.
  • Orange: bath for softening dry and fragile skin. Fights roughness.
  • Juniper: stimulating bath recommended for rheumatism and pains in general. Tonic and healing properties.
  • Green liquid algae: was used in treatments to eliminate toxins, fitness, by action on the circulatory dynamics and metabolism in general.
  • Concentrated of sea water: vivifying, anti-fatigue and relaxing action for the body, but has a very quickly action for revitalizing the skin. By its catalytic action, promotes better elimination of water and activates fat burning.

15 to 20 minutes / € 40

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