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Détente et Bien-être à Avoriaz

aquamassage, relaxation bien-être et vitalité

A new way of life, the most futuristic way to bring the body with the rejuvenating relaxation it needs.

The Aquamassage delivers in 10 minutes: Relaxation, wellness and vitality.

With the Aquamassage, we entered a new world from the high-tech. This sensational process is present in the health sector of some rehabilitation firms, in health spa centers, but also in some places dedicated to the well-being selected for their quality as AVORIAZ SPA.

Protected by exclusive patents, we find the Aquamassage on five continents and in over 70 countries. This is an innovative concept that uses water as a vector of massage without wetting effect. Needless to undress, take off the shoes is enough.

The Aquamassage stimulates and loosens the muscles, relieves tension, from the toes to the nape. The Aquamassage represents the ultimate high-tech of hydrotherapy massage.


You lie on your stomach on a still and comfortable mattress. The clear canopy, on which are located the jets of water, drops over your body. Your head and your arms remain outside.

An envelope perfectly sealed, extremely light and robust, adapts to your body shape and makes a screen with 36 jets arranged along an inverted V-ramp.

The ramp of jets moves under the canopy in both directions for massaging your body throughout its length and its sides, or as you wish, on a localized part of your body (slimming protocol).

The jets have a series of pressure and smoothing for a synchronized and rhythm massage.

During the massage, a whiff of essential oils enhances the relaxing while a headset is spreading sweet music available to you to optimize the relaxing effect.

When the canopy opens, your body, intensely and deeply relaxed, regained its energy.

The benefits of Aquamassage:

  • De-stresses
  • Relieves tension
  • Gives oxygen to the muscles
  • Detoxifies
  • Loosens joints
  • Drains the vascular and lymphatic systems
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Tones the tissues
  • Energizes
  • Invigorates

As you wish, the Aquamassage will provide you a gentle relaxing massage or rather toned and strong, particularly popular with athletes for preparing or recovering muscle.

A particular protocol with regular use of Aquamassage by localized and specialized massages helps for slimming, cellulite reduction, elimination of cellulite, firming of tissue and fight against the water retention. These results are obtained subject to at least a first series of five daily sessions of 30 minutes, performed under the supervision of an authorized operator. Consequent changes of remodelling will be easily visible on your person.

10 minute session / € 20

15-minute session / € 25

20 minute session / € 30

30 minute session / € 40



60 minutes / € 80

120 minutes / € 140

180 minutes / € 200

300 minutes / € 300


Protocol of silhouette remodelling:

5 sessions of 30 minutes / € 290

10 sessions of 30 minutes / € 490